Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Four years ago i first met Isabelle Abramson in her studio at the Harrison Ave building in SOWA.  Not only was I charmed by her mellow personable way I was enamored by her work!

From the minute you walk into Isabelle’s space you know you are experiencing something she believes in.  The smell of musty roses and sweet gardenia greets you as you move through the tiny studio.  Two beautiful windows let tons of natural light into the space highlighting  the vessels throughout.  Her kiln does double duty-first to create the magnificent sculptures and then, with the addition of a cloth, to display them. I could pleasantly spend hours in her corner of the world taking in the melding of technique and talent.  

Her work is so unique and magical.  Her pieces have a fragility and a freshness that is rarely achieved by an artist.  In my travels I have yet to see someone utilizing the techniques she has perfected let alone creating works of this caliber.  It is inspiring that since meeting her four years ago she has taken risks and began new adventures and her work is all the better because of it.

As an artist and decorator these are the kind of objects that excite my creative nerve.  These works of art are the kind of moments of perfection in a space that you spend hours searching for as a designer.  These are the best kind of Lustable because they were created with heart.  See her work on Facebook & Etsy

Isabelle Abrhamson

450 Harrison Avenue #411a  Boston, MA 02130

(617) 515-2319